6th Witney Chess Congress, 3 & 4 November: still time to enter

The Sixth Witney Chess Congress will take place on the weekend of Saturday & Sunday 3 & 4 November 2018. It has four sections (Open, U170, U145 & U120) and a prize fund of nearly £2000. Tim Dickinson and Priscilla Morris, very familiar to Kidlington regulars as stalwarts of our controlling team, will be the controllers at Witney. I warmly encourage you to support this second Oxfordshire weekend congress. Please follow the link above to find out more and to enter.

The Open section will, I hope, be of particular interest to ambitious Oxfordshire players because it incorporates the first leg of the 2018-19 Oxfordshire Individual Chess Championship. The Open section at Kidlington next February incorporates the second leg. The title of Oxfordshire Chess Champion and the Championship Trophy will go to the eligible player with the highest combined score in the Open sections of the two events.

Note on Eligibility
A player will count as eligible to win the title of Oxfordshire Champion provided that either (i) his or her (main) home at the time of both events is in Oxfordshire, or (ii) he or she has played a combined total of at least four games in the Oxfordshire League and (representing the Oxfordshire Open team) the Chilterns League before the end of January in the season in which both events are held. In the event of eligible players being tied for the highest combined number of points, the title will be shared.
  In clause (i) above, the point of speaking of a player’s ‘main home’ is that, for example, Oxfordshire students who may be residing away from home in their university town during term will be regarded as eligible for the Oxfordshire Individual Championship if their parental home to which they return during university vacations is in Oxfordshire. Those students and others whose main home is outside Oxfordshire will be eligible for the Individual Championship if they satisfy clause (ii) above. If you have any further questions about eligibility, please contact me.

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