Entries update

At 4pm on Wednesday 15 January, we had received 102 entries:
Open: 11
U180: 29
U145: 33
U120: 29.

A page listing the entrants so far for each section can be found under the Kidlington 2020 tab. This will be updated daily as further entries are received.

Although 81 entrants have successfully used the online form under the Kidlington 2020 tab to enter, we have received three reports from entrants for whom only the title of the form displayed and not the form itself.
I apologize for the inconvenience, but in these cases we have arranged a workaround to enable the players to enter.

Meanwhile, we shall be trying to discover the cause of the problem in this very small number of cases. If the same tiresome difficulty should present itself to you, please email me (‘gerard’ followed by ‘@’ followed by ‘kidlingtonchess.org.uk’) so that we can resolve the issue. Thank you.


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