161 entrants for Kidlington so far: only 31 places left

At the end of Saturday 19 January, we had received 161 entries, 31 entries more than at the equivalent point last year. That left only 31 more places to be filled before we reach the maximum number we can accommodate at our venue, Exeter Hall.

Last year we reached capacity about five days before the tournament. It currently looks rather likely that we shall reach our maximum of 192 players before next weekend. So if you wish to enter, don’t delay! Delay is likely to lead to disappointment.

However, even after we reach full capacity, a few places may well become available, since it would be surprising if there were no withdrawals in the few days before the tournament.

We do not propose to accept any entries on the day, but after we reach 192 entries there will be a ‘waiting list’ system to enable people to submit an entry for the tournament online in the hope of a place becoming available for them. (If no place becomes available, the entry fee will of course be refunded in full.)

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