Kidlington Prizewinners, 2016

U225 section

1st (£250)                 Pavel Asenov                                   5/5
2nd (£125)                 Akito Oyama                                    4/5
3rd equal                  Russell James                                  3½/5
(£40 each)                 Michael Meadows

U190 Grading Prize/        Roger de Coverly                               3/5
1st Round Loser Prize      Richard McNally
(£27 each)                 Stephen G Peters          
U180 section

1st (£200)                 Nicholas D Arkell                              4½/5            

2nd equal                  Charlie Nettleton                              4/5
(£67 each)                 Brendan O'Gorman
                           Ray Starkie

U160 Grading Prize         Tristram De Piro                               3½/5
(£20 each)                 Leif Dixon

1st Round Loser Prize      Paul Colburn                                   3½/5
 U145 section

1st (£200)                 Stephen Chadaway                               4½/5

2nd equal                  Phil Foley                                     4/5
(£67 each)                 David Gilbert
                           John Yates         

1st Round Loser Prize      Ken Alexander                                  3½/5
U120 section

1st (£200)                 Alastair Drummond                              4½/5

2nd equal                  Helen Archer-Lock                              4/5
(£67 each)                 Peter Housden  
                           Bill Read

Veteran's prize            Mike Duck                                      3½/5
(£7 each)                  Alan R Fraser
                           Peter Hughes
                           Ray Sayer
                           Hamish Sloan
                           Max Winberg
Team Competition
(teams of four from any sections: 11 teams entered)

1st (£40)                  The Rolling Stones                              13½/20
                           (Geoffrey Bishop, David Gilbert, 
                            Brendan O'Gorman, Tom Rixon)

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