U225 section

1st equal                  Jim Burnett                                      4/5
(£187.50 each)             James P. Jackson

3rd equal                  Peter J. Batchelor                               3½/5
(£38 each)                 Donald J. Mason

U190 Grading Prize         Philip Hayward                                   3/5
(£14 each)                 Stephen B. James
                           Andrew I. Paterson

1st Round Loser Prize      Akito Oyama                                      3½/5
U180 section

1st (£200)                 Scott Crockart                                   4½/5

2nd equal                  Philip Neatherway                                4/5
(£100 each)                Ray Starkie

U160 Grading Prize         Owen Bennett                                     3½/5
(£14 each)                 Hendrik Brackmann
                           Robert Collopy 

1st Round Loser Prize      Andrew Price                                     3½/5
 U145 section

1st equal                  Simon Terrington                                 5/5
(£162.50 each)             Zoe Varney

3rd equal                  Peter Hemmings                                   4/5
(£25 each)                 Nikolai Hinterreither
                           Maria Mate

1st Round Loser Prize      Cecil Sloan                                      3½/5
U120 section

1st (£200)                 James Ramsden                                    4½/5

2nd equal                  Nikhil Hakeem                                    4/5
(£50 each)                 Lee Collins
                           Rajagopal Panicker
                           Stephen Crockett

Veteran's Prize            Julian Booker                                    3½/5
(£20 each)                 Peter Housden
Team Competition
(teams of four from any sections: 14 teams entered)

1st equal                  The Four Knightmares                               12½/20
(£20 each team)            (Will Burt, Nick Burrows, David Keeling, 
                           Maria Mate)
                           Please Print Name Here
                           (Zoe Varney, Elizaveta Sheremetyeva, 
                           James Cole, Alex Keane)

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