Crosstables are now up

You can now view crosstables from all four sections of last weekend’s tournament under the ‘Kidlington 2019’ tab.

Crosstables for some sections had been uploaded to the UTU Tournament Results Service, but unfortunately they were seriously misleading, with many Round 1 results missing. (Strange, since exactly the same tournament files seem to manifest correctly when exported from UTU to HTML or RTF formats.) They have now been removed from that site. I hope nobody was misled by them.

Raj has also posted most of the games from the Open section. A tournament report and list of prizewinners will follow later this week.

Entries now closed: 186 entrants at 10pm Friday

We look forward to seeing you at Kidlington tomorrow. We wish you safe travelling and an enjoyable tournament.

For updates on forecasts of Kidlington weather on the BBC website, see

NB. IF YOU NEED TO CONTACT ME: If you find that because of the weather (or any other reason) you are delayed or need to withdraw and need to contact me, you may do so by email (‘gerard’ followed by the @ sign, followed by ‘’) or phone/text (07446 followed by 135 followed by 132).


Join the waiting list for any places in the tournament that become available

Thiough the tournament is currently full, one may expect that for various reasons there will be a few withdrawals before the tournament begins. We hope to be able to fill any places that thus become available.If you still hope to play at Kidlington, you may join the waiting list for places. To do so, go to the page, ‘Join the 2019 Kidlington Tournament Waiting List’, which you will find under the Kidlington 2019 tab, and fill in the form to submit an entry.

As any withdrawals are notified to us, the person at the top of the waiting list will be informed and offered the vacant place. For more details, see (also under the Kidlington 2019 tab) the page, ‘Waiting List Arrangements and Conditions’.

Submitting an entry using this form WILL NOT GUARANTEE A PLACE IN THE TOURNAMENT. However, if no place becomes available for a player who submits an entry in this way, the entry fee will be refunded in full.

Tournament (currently) full

We have now reached the maximum number of players (192) we can accommodate at our venue, Exeter Hall, Kidlington. The online entry form has therefore been removed. 

However, that form will be replaced in the next day or so by another form instituting a ‘waiting list’.

The new form will enable players to submit an entry for the tournament in the hope that a place will become available, typically if current entrants notify the organizer that they are withdrawing. (There are almost inevitably a few withdrawals in the days leading up to the tournament.)

Submitting an entry using this form WILL NOT GUARANTEE A PLACE IN THE TOURNAMENT. However, if no place becomes available for a player who submits a form, the entry fee will be refunded in full.

161 entrants for Kidlington so far: only 31 places left

At the end of Saturday 19 January, we had received 161 entries, 31 entries more than at the equivalent point last year. That left only 31 more places to be filled before we reach the maximum number we can accommodate at our venue, Exeter Hall.

Last year we reached capacity about five days before the tournament. It currently looks rather likely that we shall reach our maximum of 192 players before next weekend. So if you wish to enter, don’t delay! Delay is likely to lead to disappointment.

However, even after we reach full capacity, a few places may well become available, since it would be surprising if there were no withdrawals in the few days before the tournament.

We do not propose to accept any entries on the day, but after we reach 192 entries there will be a ‘waiting list’ system to enable people to submit an entry for the tournament online in the hope of a place becoming available for them. (If no place becomes available, the entry fee will of course be refunded in full.)

Entries so far slightly up on last year

At this point we have had 57 entries for the tournament, which is slightly up on last year at the same stage, and more significantly up on the year before that.
Bearing in mind that in both those years we had reached our full capacity of 192 players nearly a week before the event, you may well wish to ensure that you avoid disappointment by not delaying your entry too long.
Prospective entrants are also reminded that the £2 discount for early entries still applies, but only until 11 January.

Oxfordshire Individual Championship: first leg

The Open section of this weekend’s Witney’s 6th Weekend Chess Congress incorporated the first leg of the 2018-19 Oxfordshire Individual Championship.
Cowley’s Mike Handley held Marcus Harvey (Witney) with Black in the final round, allowing David Zakarian to catch up with Marcus, to produce a tie between the two of them on 4 out of 5. Mike Handley was the next-highest-placed player eligible for the Oxfordshire title on 3 points, with Oxford City’s Phil Hayward half a point further back on 2.5.
I hope both Marcus and David will be able to play in the second leg at Kidlington, which could make for a close finish and an exciting climax to this year’s championship.